What happens when a global pandemic shuts down the entire world and a touring musician, his cowboy boot store maven wife, and cowboy boot store maven friend are faced with no employment as the touring industry dries up and the boot store owner decides to pass the torch?  They purchase the cowboy boot store!

There is a handmade, vintage inspired, cowboy boot store.  It shuffles about a few locations in Austin, Texas.  It finds a permanent home on South Congress, a famed shopping district in the live music capital city.  The cowboy boots are grand.  You can tell by first glance they are extremely well made.  They stand the test of the fourth and fifth glance etc....  Many have a love affair with these handmade, vintage inspired cowboy boots.  Many more will come.

A couple walked into the boot store after relocating to Austin in an effort to purchase the best handmade cowboy boots they could find.  He, an Englishman immersed in the Irish music scene, in fact a professional musician, a unicorn of sorts, Steven Twigger.  His wife, Alie Twigger, a creative and inspired New Englander from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  They each purchased a pair of Heritage Boots.   Drawn to the superb craftsmanship, Alie began working for the founding couple, Patti and Jerry Ryan.  She contributed to the designs as well as marketing.  She remains a Boot Maven today.   In fact, she and her husband own the store with one more.

A spirited, lifetime cowgirl all things cowboy enthusiast and native Texan, Kimber Breaux morphed into a maven. She embraced the culture and the exquisite product at Heritage Boot.  The old world methodology that ensures the integrity of the product served as sturdy foundation to her growth and metamorphosis from a children’s song writer, former fitness professional into “Boot Mavenship.”  She too remains one today.  In fact, she is the one more that now owns the store.

This fully handmade, vintage inspired cowboy boot store in the Historic South Congress shopping district in famed Austin, Texas partners with a badass bookmaker.  He is multi generational, inheriting the passion, inspiration, and talent of his father and his grandfather before that.  His daughters are both now active in the boot making process.  It is a way of life for them.  Their grandfather began as a custom boot maker.  They have successfully grown the business.  Their boots are unmatched in quality, comfort, and old world design.  Their visions combined with the owners of Heritage Boot have ignited a rebirth of the Golden Era of the Cowboy Boot - the 1930’s thru the 1960’s and even a dash of the coolest clothing decade, the 1970’s. The partnership works.

Heritage makes a handmade boot that bridges the gap between a full custom boot and a factory, mass produced boot.  They make custom-quality boot you can walk out the door with the same day you walk in.  Their boots are made by craftspeople who use their hands in creating every aspect of the boot.  They are multi generational artisan boot makers who spent years perfecting their craft.  Their boots are their legacy.  They use Goodyear welting, layered leather soles, and lemonwood pegs in the construction of their classic or soon to be classic designs.  Their small batch produced cowboy boots are grand.

This is the beginning of Alie, Steve, and Kimber’s expedition to cross a newly acquired portion of the western apparel and accessory world.  They look forward to continued discoveries and innovative ideas to come.  They love what they are doing.  They want you to share and experience this affection as well.  

“I remember first seeing Barney Kessel, in the 1940’s, standing on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, in his cowboy boots, sun glasses, hipster threads, holding his guitar case man, you just knew that cat could wail!’    Anita O’Day


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The Tooled Triad
Mark Santos (Oakland, US)

These boots are stunners! They are well crafted statement pieces that can be worn daily if desired. These are money well spent.

A personal thanks to Kimber and the team. After a 4month wait they arrived in time for my birthday last August. Well worth it.

Rough Waters French Toe
MG (Halifax, US)
Phenomenal Fit and Finish

The quality of these is phenomenal and the fit was perfect. Extremely comfortable. The shark vamp and counter with rough out shafts are different but very classic. Highly recommend.

Boot Named Sue
RSB (New York, US)
12 years and counting

I've resoled these black Sue's twice. I have pinched forefoot nerves and flat feet and my ankles roll and still I've walked 10 miles a day in these. Went back to HB a few months ago and just decided to get an entirely diff pair since these are doing so well (peewee honey). I wear Sue to work at an investment bank in NYC. Their vibe blends in with skirts and suits if you can believe it. They're the best airport shoes too, even if they don't make it through precheck.

Save the Bees Boot
Perfect Boots

Went in for the Save the Bees boots and there was only one pair left before they get a new shipment - and they were MY SIZE. They are gorgeous and it was meant to BEE!!!

Marie Laveau
A.S. (Los Angeles, US)
The DREAMIEST boots!

I feel the same way about these boots that the kid from “A Christmas Story” felt about his Red Ryder BB gun. 🤣 Seriously though, these are probably the most beautiful boots I’ve ever owned. They’re absolutely gorgeous, and the design and craftsmanship are impeccable. Looking forward to wearing them forever. 14/10 recommend!!!!