Jerry and I set out to make a handmade boot that would bridge the gap between full custom and mass-produced; a custom-quality boot that you can have immediately. Our boots are made by craftsmen who use their hands for every aspect of the boot. This process takes years to learn and a whole lot of patience as well. It is very common for these craftsmen to take pieces of leather home to hand-tool throughout the evening. Using old world methodology, these craftspeople ensure the integrity of the product, producing about 10-12 individual boots per day. You just cannot find that kind of earnestness and consistency from a factory making 500-1,500 boots a day.

Right now in footwear we can see that productivity and efficiency have taken over from quality and attention to detail. When it comes to the western boot business, this shift has cost the consumer and diluted the market.  

Many new companies are trying to sell the “handmade” experience with a mass-produced boot, using sneaker technology and advertising the “comfort” of their boot. A real handmade western boot is already comfortable, because they are made entirely of leather that allows the feet to breathe and reduces or eliminates foot swelling. There is no layer of cardboard or plastic to create the illusion of comfort in our boots. Instead, they are Goodyear welted and lemonwood pegged. Resole, repair, and hand them down. These boots are built to last.

Our handcrafted cowboy boots are not better because they cost more than a western style fashion boot, but because they are authentic. They are authentic in the way they are made - using fine imported leathers and skins. They are authentic because of the craftsmen - who have utilized and handed down their methods and techniques for decades.

Our bad-ass bootmaker hails from Leon, Guanajuato Mexico, the Western Boot Capitol of the World. When we found him he was carrying on his father and grandfather’s tradition of quality handcrafted custom boots. We invited him to help bring our vision alive; to join forces with us and to revive the styles and patterns of his family’s fantastic collection, along with other vintage styles from and inspired by the Golden Era of the Cowboy Boot- the 1930’s thru the 1960’s. New designs are created from our own artistic ideas and imaginativeness, along with input from our remarkable Boot Mavens.

A maven is someone with knowledge of a topic, with the ability to share that knowledge and to guide. Our Boot Mavens do not disappoint, and we’ve commissioned them to handle every aspect of the customer-centered side of our business. Because we value the relationship with you, our customer, our excellent Boot Maven service ensures the right boot for the right person. Because of their connection, passion, and attention to detail, we give you the service and commitment rarely seen in today’s retail environment.

In a world of unabashed consumerism, deceptive advertising, and cheaply produced products, we put quality and value above all else.

 ~Patti Ryan

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the best tux boots ever - and they still work with jeans

Numerous events require a tux or fancy dark business suit. If you want to escape looking like just one more in a herd of similarly dressed pinguins w/o resorting to some stupid looking polka dot bow tie, these boots are "the" ticket. The super supple leather uppers make them a bit hard to get on for me, but once on, they are wonderfully comfortable despite the lower portion being as tough and indestructible as any material I know of. They also go great with jeans, so i wear them with anything and everything and get constant complements. For every day, I more commonly wear my Heritage sharkskin boots, but for dressing up, you cannot beat these boots.

Can't beat them

I have these in both black and brown. Although I have 5+ pairs of boots from Heritage, these are my daily "go to" boots.
They are comfortable, very tough (i've resoled each several times and the boots look like new), and look great with jeans or business suits. I ride motorcycles and the top left toe area fo many shoes gets worn looking from using the upshift on the bikes. Both pair of my sharkskin boots are still flawless - how they are so damn tough despite being comfortable I don't know, but they are. I have more expensive boots, but none are better or worn more often.

Most Useful Boots I Own

I own a bunch of boots - various makers, various types. I have not bought anyone else's boots since I bought my first pair of Heritage boots, such is the value and quality quotient and comfort. Of all my boots, I wear my French toe, brown sharks more than any other by far. My wife doesn't love the "wrinkly" style of the skin, and these are not fancy boots. What they are is indestructible, super useful and (while my wife and I may disagree), very stylish and cool.

I own and operate a heavily industrial business. While I own and enjoy dress shoes and loafers and wear such footwear to work with some frequency, I find that sturdy cowboy boots serve me best, given the varied environments in which I work. Yes, I may be in dress pants and speaking with business people over lunch, but during the day, I may be in a dirty wearhouse, climbing on a railroad car or up into the trailer of a truck... loafers don't always fit the bill; these always do. These boots more than any others can take a beating. Shark skin is chain mail. It is so tough. I would use the word indestructible even. Shark cleans up so easily: I spray on reptile skin cleaner and then wipe it off when it foams. I then put a high quality boot cream around the welt and clean up the heel. Done faster than any of my other boots.

I get compliments on these boots, usually from working men. "Is that regular leather?" is the question I'm asked a lot, and when I say "shark skin," people think that's really cool. I have other boots that dress up a bit better. If not working, I would wear other boots with dress trousers, but these will work for that fine. These boots work great with jeans. I'm not a motorcycle guy, but if I were, I think these would be fantastic for that application as they can take a beating and look absolutely AOK.

If you have not purchased Heritage Boots, let me tell you that the quality is second to none and the people who help you are awesome. Can't wait to buy another pair.

Stunningly versatile

I'm at work right now wearing a pencil skirt, cotton shirt and these boots! I had no expectation that my Austin Packers would be more than the occasional gitty-up-goin'-out in jeans boot, but they are SO MUCH MORE. I wear them weekly, sometimes several times a week. These boots put my other booties to shame. Of course, the Heritage quality is there, but there is something about these AP's that make them go with everything from jeans, to flirty dresses, to smart business attire, to long and short skirts. And comfort? The leather is so soft and yet holds up like they are brand new.

Awesome boot!

I was looking for a classic boot that will last a lifetime and this is it. No break in time and it is so comfortable. I can wear with skirt, dresses or jeans. Best boots ever!