Fleur di Lis Cufflinks

The artist, Jeff Deegan, suggests you wear these cuff links while sipping a Sazerac at Barrelproof in New Orleans. Sterling silver button back with a nude figurine centre bar. Makes a marvelous gift.

Approximately 1⅜" Tall.

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Lady Godiva
Jen Fullerton (Marstons Mills, US)

Quality is exceptional. Very impressed! Very comfortable and the boot mavens sized me perfectly over the phone with a few simple questions. Highly recommend.

Apache Boot in Brown
Buckeye Phil (White Plains, US)
Great Every Day Boot

If you are looking for a great every day boot, do yourself a favor and get yourself a pair of the Apache Boots. The quality of this boot is outstanding, and will absolutely hold up well to everyday wear. In addition, the boot has the beautiful "Heritage" look. These boots along with my Black Apache Pee Wee will now be my daily go to boots. Also, as always the customer service of Kimber and Alli is second to none. Thank you for making the purchase of boots a pleasurable experience.

Stingray Boot
Matt (Los Angeles, US)
Life Changing Boots

I bought these in September 2015 on a whim at the South Congress showroom. Frankly, the best purchase of my entire life! First off, these boots still look fantastic after years of wear. This skin is extremely durable, and holds up well. These boots can handle light moisture, too. The soles lasted me about 4 years of extremely heavy use, before I had them replaced. The comfort level of these boots is off the charts for me. I'm a size 10.5-11 in sneakers, but for these boots I am a 9.5. Most importantly? Wearing these boots is like being in public with a really cute dog. They are a conversation starter. People will see my boots from across the room, and come talk to me about them. It's a great way to meet people, if you're looking to meet people when you're in public. Also, the versatility is epic here. I've worn these boots with a tux at a wedding, and with jeans and a t-shirt. They get compliments no matter where I go and, they fit any occasion. Stingray boots are rare, and this particular skin has the appearance of diamond pave. It's really a stunning leather in person, and I couldn't recommend these more highly.

Lady Jain
Alina Reese (Houston, US)
Absolutely the best boots ever !!!!!

We came to the store just browsing around, and then I saw these wonderful and very unique boots. I had to try them on. Being a 6'1 female it's a struggle finding a store that actually carries your boot size.(I'm usually btw a 10.5 or 11) but they are always so wide and I have to wear a thick sock to make it work. The nice lady Alie said oh our boots run large so we will definitely have your size and fitted me for a 9.5 which felt like these boots where custom made for my foot which never happen. We had to buy them. I was ecstatic all the way home to Houston. Also I preordered a pair for my wedding so I seriously " CANT WAIT ".

You know when things just randomly fall into place and you don't think twice about making certain decision because you feel like it's just so ment to be. Well this was one of them.

I love Heritage Boots we will be life long customers. Thank you for everything, and thank you for what is yet to come!


The Kimber Peewee
Katherine Lohre (Phoenixville, US)
My favorite pair

I own about 13 pairs of this company’s boots and these take the cake! I’m usually not a fan of navy leather but my God!!! This is the most gorgeous leather I have ever seen! The boot is pure perfection in every way imaginable. They go front and center in my closet and I beam with happiness every time I see them!