Camel Ranch Hand - Snip Toe

A camel rough-out that should fulfill your wildest cowboy dreams.  A basic everyday working reverse hide cowboy boot that endeavors to be your go to for surviving what life throws at you.  Kick up your heels with attitude and shake all your cares away.  A Heritage Boot favorite! 

Snip Toe & Cowboy Heel

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NC (Chicago, US)
Rough outs

Love these boots. 4 years later, they still look great.

M. (Hampton, US)
10/10 in quality

These boots were my introduction to Heritage as a brand. The roughout leather is incredibly soft, and the boots are well-built. I get compliments every time I wear them out. If you’re in the market for a pair of roughouts, look no further.

Jonathon Todd Nelson (Chicago, US)
Buy Em

Fantastic boots right out of the box. The fit and finish leaves nothing to be desired, I couldn't find an issue on mine whatsoever. Footbed shape is incredibly natural and the toebox stiffener/form doesn't bulge in or create and hard surfaces you can feel. I went a 1/2 size down from my standard size which was the right call for my case, but I do need to wear thicker socks to take up the bit of slack throughout the vamp. I live up north and don't wear boots as much in the summer, so it actually worked out perfectly but I might need an insole if these were a warm weather only shoe. These were my first pair of Heritage Boot Co boots, but within 5 days of delivery I am now on the waitlist for 2 more pairs in my size.

Terry Icenhour (Marion, US)
Quality, comfort and craftsmanship

I ran across Heritage Boot Company by luck, reached out and received excellent customer service, and attention. Beyond what I've come to expect these days! These boots are also of the highest quality, comfort and craftsmanship that I've found missing from so many other boot makers. Most which charge as much or more. For this, Heritage has earned my support and loyalty.

Colby Hebert (Lafayette, US)
My first rough-out

This boot was my introduction to the rough-out. It was my introduction to heritage boots. Now, I’m addicted to both! I couldn’t see myself finding a better quality pair of rough-outs on the market…like the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”…and these are perfect. I’ve now got three pairs of heritage boots, and the love affair grows! Don’t hesitate, buy a pair right now, and bless your feet with a pair of boots that are as equally comfortable as they are badass!

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The Tooled Triad
Geofrey Schwer (Woodway, US)
Beautiful Boots

I wear a size 8 1/2 D in a street shoe, but really felt I needed a 9 1/2 D in a boot. But, after talking to the gals at Heritage, they convinced me that I could wear an 8 1/2 D in a Tooled Triad. I was skeptical, but took their advice. Long story short, the boots fit like a glove!
So, they are both beautiful and comfortable. If you're looking for an upper level boot that will last you a lifetime, I recommend that you give Kimber or Crystal a call at Heritage. Better yet, drop by and say "Hi."

Leroy Brown
Robert Bellanco (The Villages, US)
First pair of Heritage- Leroy’s

I’ve only tried them on in the house as they came this evening.
I was nervous about how’d they’d fit.
Let me just say I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. Crazy comfortable and super soft leather. Beautiful looking classic boot in my favorite color, chocolate brown.
I have Black Jacks and Lucchese but I know these are going to be my favorites here out.
The folk here are great and very patient as it took me a few weeks to make up my mind on which boots to start with.

Can hardly wait for the second pair to show up at the door !

JJ (Santa Fe, US)
Fashionista boots that everyone comments on

These are serious head-turners. Everyone loves them and they dress up
Any outfit. Super comfortable and elegant, fun boots. I often wear them with dresses at night.

Newsletter Subscriber (Missouri City, US)

People who know boots will stop you and say “Those are fabulous!” Wore them to the Houston Rodeo and heard it from every high-end boot seller. Superb boots - take the stingray plunge. You’ll be glad you did!!

Ambrose Boot
Randall Honeycutt (Nashville, US)
3rd Pair of Heritage Boots...

I'm an old guy - actual BOOMER Generation, I own a horse farm and I'm not a very fashionable guy. Heck I have worn a flat top haircut my entire life. Occasionally my haircut is in style, but more often, it is not, but that's OK because I like what works for me. Heritage Boots work for me.

I have long admired the styles Heritage puts out; but honestly they are a bit too much for my understated style. I purchased the Apache oiled boot goodness the quality was spot on, and the fit was like a custom boot. I then ordered the Crazy horse leather boot - essentially the same as the Apache without the oil.

My wife and I were at the beach just hanging out together, and because I am such a ladies man, my romantic conversation turned to cowboy boots. She suggested I get a "fancier" boot from Heritage. I really like the blue ostrich boot, but thought the navy color might make folks think I was 'HIP', and that would just be false advertising. So, I ordered this boot...a little flashy but not too much. Again the boot looks remarkable - not like anything else out there - and the fit was absolutely superb.

My wife told me she was going to order the navy blue ostrich boots for me for Father's Day but she said they were sold out. I hate that - mainly because I know she wanted to get them. To be honest, my wife doesn't need to get me anything as the 31 years we've been married has been a daily gift!

Let me add - the ladies that answer the phone/texts at Heritage Boot Company have been very, very helpful. I actually wanted another boot but after a bit of discussion ; they told me that boot would not be suitable for my bad back. They genuinely want a happy customer and are not just trying to sell a boot. That is not common , and neither are Heritage Boots. My advice to folks - pick up the phone for a chat with the ladies at Heritage, buy a pair of boots and see for yourself - like my wife - Heritage Boot Company has a lot more going on than just good looks!!