Lengthen the life of your boots and improve their appearance by following these easy steps:

Wipe off dust because it will settle in the creases of boots and shoes. WIPE YOUR BOOTS OFTEN, using, preferably, a horse-hair brush. Wipe off loose dirt and after that, clean your boots. You can use Southern Leather Cadillac Boot Lotion to get rid of deep down dirt and grime. You don’t have to do this every time, just when they are dirty. Some leathers will need more than others. It needs to be done more often in dry climates or when leather is subjected to repeated dryings. Apply a coat of shoe cream (polish) and we recommend Southern Leather Boot Cream. It should match the color of the boot and should be rubbed into boots. Give the cream a few moments to dry and then brush or buff the boots to a shine. Use an old soft t-shirt or horse hair brush.

Good Practice and Extra Measure for the Conscientious:

Never put wet boots near heat to dry. Stuff boots with newspaper and let them air-dry. Never, ever wear your boots after they get wet - take them off and let them air-dry.
Unless you sit at a desk in an air-conditioned office, never wear the same pair of boots every day. They need to rest and air out. Keep dressing on the welts, if you have dyed welts and use conditioner if you have natural welts. Best of all, use boot trees! We cannot recommend them enough – good cedar boot trees.

Resoling & Repairs:

It is normal to replace the soles of your boots if you are especially hard on footwear. Some people have to replace the soles every year, others, only after years of wear. Try not to wait so long as to need a full resole, opt for the half resole. For those that are really hard on their feet or needing the extra traction, consider adding a rubber Vibram overlay on the sole - extends the life of the sole and saves you money in the long run without the need to resole as often. We can have this done for you. Don't do this if you are dancing in your boots everyday - those spins will be hard on the knees!

Remember, your new boots are an investment and the above care should give you many, many years of use, comfort and style points with your boots. If you mistreat your boots, we cannot guarantee that they will last for a reasonable time. Never let the rubber on the heels wear down to the leather. Get the rubber replaced BEFORE that happens. We cannot be responsible if you get your boots wet and continue to wear them - the soles can split from this type of abuse. If you do not condition the skins, they can split at stress points because they dry out. Just take good care of them and they will be around for a long time. If you have questions about boot repairs, contact us and we can take care of this for a nominal charge (we charge what the boot repair actually costs). It is best if you call us before you take your boots to be repaired. 512-326-8577. Some customers have had their boots damaged by taking them to the wrong repair shop.