Larry Olmstead's article for Forbes has been fantastic for us. 

"Heritage Boots in Austin, Texas, a truly one of a kind operation. I had heard great things about Heritage for years, and finally got there in the flesh a few weeks ago, and despite promising myself I would only look and not buy anything, since I already have 5 pairs of cowboy boots I don’t get the chance to wear enough, I was so blown away by their offerings that I broke my vow and bought a pair anyway. I’m wearing them now at my desk as I write this." Read the full article here.

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Rough Waters French Toe
MG (Halifax, US)
Phenomenal Fit and Finish

The quality of these is phenomenal and the fit was perfect. Extremely comfortable. The shark vamp and counter with rough out shafts are different but very classic. Highly recommend.

Boot Named Sue
RSB (New York, US)
12 years and counting

I've resoled these black Sue's twice. I have pinched forefoot nerves and flat feet and my ankles roll and still I've walked 10 miles a day in these. Went back to HB a few months ago and just decided to get an entirely diff pair since these are doing so well (peewee honey). I wear Sue to work at an investment bank in NYC. Their vibe blends in with skirts and suits if you can believe it. They're the best airport shoes too, even if they don't make it through precheck.

Save the Bees Boot
Perfect Boots

Went in for the Save the Bees boots and there was only one pair left before they get a new shipment - and they were MY SIZE. They are gorgeous and it was meant to BEE!!!

Marie Laveau
A.S. (Los Angeles, US)
The DREAMIEST boots!

I feel the same way about these boots that the kid from “A Christmas Story” felt about his Red Ryder BB gun. 🤣 Seriously though, these are probably the most beautiful boots I’ve ever owned. They’re absolutely gorgeous, and the design and craftsmanship are impeccable. Looking forward to wearing them forever. 14/10 recommend!!!!

Marie Laveau
Amanda Pendleton (Dallas, US)
So versatile

I wear these with everything! I’ve had them for two months and wear them at least three to four times a week. I love the walking heel!