Tatonka Triad

You are unpredictable and air on the side of danger.  You are a fierce foe and a faithful companion.  You are known to travel in herds and sometimes wallow in the luxuries of handmade cowboy boots and that is why you can’t not buy the Tatonka.   The name is Lakota for Bison, after the distinctive bone leather running down the sides of this tooled triad constructed gem.  The hazel dyed layered leather sole of the cowboy heel and the natural welt combined with the red braid and piping offer the finishing touches to create another Heritage masterpiece design.

 Snip Toe & Cowboy Heel 

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D.W. (Tampa, US)
Awesome boots

I have dozens of pairs of cowboy boots, these are head and shoulder above the rest. The customer service was incredible and the quick delivery was beyond impressive. I have ordered custom boots in the past and waited months for delivery, these arrived in days. The fit comfort and quality exceeded all of my expectations!

Kevin Odom (Franklin, US)
Works of Art!

There is only one way to describe these boots, "Works of Art!" The craftsmanship, comfort and appearance are impeccable! They are not only my favorite pair of Heritage Boots, they are now my favorite pair in my entire collection, which numbers over 120 pairs. I highly recommend this boot to anyone looking a "Lifetime " boot, because it checks off all the boxes!

Michael (New York, US)

Truly stunning pair of boots! Super-stylish with incredible craftsmanship on display. Great fit, comfortable right out of the box. Great potential for inordinately elevated levels of swagger. Can’t wait to get these out on the high chaparral, or at least the mean streets of New York City! Many thanks to Heritage, and Kimber in particular!

Reid Hartson (San Antonio, US)
See 'em ta believe 'em

When my wife spoke to Kimber and said we were going to be in town, Kimber set a pair of these aside. They are amazing-top notch workmanship and comfort, the pictures just can't fully capture. I've gotten loads of compliments on these. To be honest I'm not sure I would have considered them based on the pictures alone-I don't have any other white boots. They really must be seen to be appreciated, and as always represent amazing value. Another pair of "best damn boots!" Gotta make more room in the closet....hmmmmm

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lee Schwartz (Brooklyn, US)

Purchased a pair of Diego's this last Christmas while in austin with my family. The whole boot buying process was awesome. Great service, passion and care. The boots are a thing of beauty. Elegant shape, insanely comfortable. I was in between sizes, but they helped steer me to a boot with the right amount of give so that after a couple of wears the boots fit like a glove. Every time I bust these out I get compliments. Long live the Diego!!

Apache Boot in Brown
Customer (Lacombe, US)
Great fitting, bulletproof boots!

This is the kind of boot you wear when you not only want to look good, but you want a boot that can face any challenge. The Bay Apache leather is stiff and durable, but after a half dozen times wearing it, it will loosen and begin to really conform to your foot. You must wear these and break them in, the more the better. They also look better every wear. This is my all weather, all uses boot. Try a pair.

Beale Street
Alex D'Eath (League City, US)
Walking In Memphis

This is my second pair of boots from Heritage. We saw the prototypes when we bought my first pair. This is just about the finest looking boot i have ever laid eyes on. The fit and finish on the hide is sec0nd to none. You will be hard pressed to come across another person wearing stingray boots. They certainly help you stand out from the crowd.

Caiman Boot in Brown
Newsletter Subscriber (Missouri City, US)

Fantastic quality in these boots! Superb matching of the skins, gorgeous texture, all with that great Heritage architecture. I have yet to see anything that comes close to these beauties - if you are after a great pair of exotics, seek no further!

TP Howdy (Bedford, US)

I waited a long time to get to Austin to buy my first pair from Heritage Boots. I fell in love with the McQueen. I wear them to work, a night out, and on formal occasions. They turn heads every time I wear them. They look great, are incredibly comfortable, and people love them.