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Heritage Peewees are the best Peewees

Got these as part of a twofer (I got my wife some red Jesse Daytons). I hadn't owned a true roughout (I had "suede" Acme boots in the 80s), so this is a new style for me. With the dark blue tops and contrasting stitching, along with the Heritage shape, fit (predictable and perfect) and finish, this is another home run.

underpriced (what a deal!!)

From anyone else these would cost twice as much! The workmanship is second to none, and I see new details every time I wear them. Looks like a million bucks, at a price mere mortals can afford. They were instantly comfortable, so that should only improve with age. I don't think I ever need to look elsewhere for new boots!

more than I expected

not only is the workmanship great, but the removable buckles allow me to change them out depending in need and occasion- very cool.


I bought these boots for my brother for his 40th B-day. He really loves them. They work with a pair of jeans or a sport jacket and trousers. The walking heel is very comfy and practical, and the quality of the leather is first rate. My brother wears "L-word Ropers," which I think look very Old-Man-ish. The Heritage walking heel is a nice compromise; they still look like real cowboy boots (not some geriatric alternative), yet they are suitable for everyday wear. Both of my pairs of Heritage Boots have walking heels, and that is my favorite heel height of any maker's boots.

If you do not own Heritage Boots yet and want a versatile basic boot, this would be a great toe into the water that is Heritage Boots. But fair warning... you will get addicted and you won't be able to stop at one pair. I own a couple pairs. My brown sharks with the French Toe are the most useful boots I own, maybe my faves. And my wife just told me that my B-day present is the Leroy Browns. Yay! I can't wait.

Heritage Boots are without question the best quality, best looking boots you can buy for the dollar. They look and present like custom boots. They are not "cheap," nor are they "inexpensive," but they are worth a lot more than you pay for them and you can pay a lot less for crap or a lot more for comparable boots (that, frankly, are more stuffy and not more cool).

Great Looking and Very Comfortable.

Like Gus, this is my second pair of Heritage Boots. Also like Gus, my first pair was the Apache Brown Waxed Leather. Those are great looking as well, but these sharkskins are amazing looking boots. My pair have perfectly matched skins. There is a small ridge line that goes down the center of the boot to the toe. Great attention to detail by the boot maker. Both pair of boots are extremely comfortable. I got my Apaches in 2012 and these Sharks in 2014, so I have a lot of wear on both of them. Other than replacing the rubber layer of the heel on the Apaches, both pair look like brand new. I can't recommend Heritage Boots more,