The Tooled Triad

Our Triad Boot sets the bar very high, indeed. A triad boot is a two piece construction, whereas conventional western boots have a seam at the ankle. Black Italian calfskin over-layed with brown hand-tooled leather. Extravagant eight row stitching in black, brown and white. Black leather hand-lacing around the vamp, collar and pull tabs. Just imagine what kind of statement you would make  wearing these phenomenal boots!

Snip Toe & Walking Heel

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Sean C. (Hyde Park, US)
Best Boots I've Ever Worn

Comfortable, elegant tooling on the vamp, Beautiful craftsmanship. all standard from a heritage boot co. boot

Zach Hess (Dallas, US)
The Most Loved

These were my first pair of Heritage boots, and have remained my most loved. The Tooled Triads are extremely comfortable from Day 1 and the most versatile boot- you can wear them with basically anything. And get ready for all the compliments and head-turns!

Kevin Odom (Franklin, US)
Works of Art!

The only way to describe these boots, Is "Works of art!" The craftsmanship on these is magnificent! The handtooling and stitching is mesmerizing. I highly recommend these to anyone looking to add a pair of handtooled boots to their collection. As always, Slick gives his "Seal of Approval."

Michael L. (Norristown, US)
Compliment Getter

If you're looking for a boot that looks good, is easy to wear and is extremely comfortable, this one is it! Highly recommended.

Lanier Wood


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James Monken (Chicago, US)

I have never had a pair of boots this nice in my life!!!!!! The service is out of this world also!!!!!! Will most definitely be purchasing another pair from Heritage Boots!!!! Thank You Kimber, Thank you!!!!! See you all soon!!!

Apache Boot in Black
10 Out of 10 (Plymouth, US)
10 Out of 10

Or 5 out of 5 in this case. You just can't understand how good they are until you have them on your feet. Excellent quality materials and finish, so good in fact it seems a shame to wear them for fear of scuffing them up. They feel really light and comfortable and fit perfectly. Man that's a good pair of boots. From time to time you get lucky and feel like you got more than you paid for and that is exactly how I feel about these boots. I'll break them in and update my review. - Cole, 11/18/2022.

Melinda McFarland (San Antonio, US)
Next-level black boot

I’m a Heritage Boot fanatic. As always, these have a great profile and are super comfortable. The roses just take them to the next level. I get compliments every time I wear them!

Boot Named Sue
MLouNY (San Antonio, US)
Anything-but-basic black boots

I got these beauties on a recent trip to Austin and they find their way on to my feet an awful lot. They are a beautiful solid black and sharpen up everything from long flowy dresses to mini skirts to jeans. The stitching is completely amazing and beautiful—subtle and eye popping at the same time.

Rough Waters Snip Toe
M.H. (Upland, US)
“Jaw Tighteners”

Now in retirement, I’ve often reminisced of my youth, working a cattle ranch with my Dad.
Among all those memories the most cherished was when my father and I measured our feet for some custom handmade boots from some fancy outfit out of Arizona. Now, they were expensive so this was a one time deal! Mine were made of sharkskin! I was styling!
That was over forty years ago and my Dad has long passed …. but I still think of those sharkskin Cowboy boots.
Fast forward and here I am re-living that special moment. I purchased some “Jaw Tighteners” of a pair of boots from Heritage ….. and yes, they are made from sharkskin.
These boots are made with every bit of quality and craftsmanship as those custom mades I bought all those years ago. The only difference ….. the price! The Heritage “Rough Waters” I bought were half the price! Same Quality … Half the Price!!!
Let the Mavens at Heritage set you up ….. you won’t regret it!