Honey Bee Boot

Luxe leather in a creamy honey with swirls of hand-cording. Basic neutral color that goes with everything. Classic & Elegant.

Riding Heel & Pointed Toe

"You'll be my soft and sweet
I'll be your strong and steady
You be my glass of wine
I'll be your shot of whiskey
You be my sunny day
I'll be your shade tree
You be my honeysuckle
I'll be your honey bee

-Blake Shelton

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Small but mighty and Complements galore!

Well crafted, and gorgeous, I receive at least two complements a day from random people, People just keep coming up to me asking about this purse! So funny because my sister carries high end designer purses, and when we are out together, my purse get all of the complements. Im considering purchasing a second.

Great Boots

Comfortable, durable, low maintenance boot. My first and most often worn pair Heritage Boots. Love em

Awesome boots

Comfortable, classy, and quality. I get compliments every time I wear them. Love Heritage Boots

Great Boots Great Fit, Great Experience!

Purchased in March and no regrets as they were comfortable from the start, great experience in the store with knowledgeable staff. Don't get these unless you are ready for attention! No exaggeration, I get multiple compliments when wearing them, walking down the street, in restaurants, and traveling on the plane from people next to me and the flight attendants! Walking into dress shoe stores in airports, you know which one, and 3 times have had the sales person asking about my boots instead of trying to sell me shoes and knowing they were handmade and bad ass... they are cool and I love them.

Awesome boots

These are my third pair of Heritage boots. The first two; Lockhart and Black Bart are no longer made so I will review all three here. The first pair I got fitted in Austin and the others I bought remote as I’m in England. I love these boots - they are extremely comfortable even for long walks. These caiman boots are for special occasions but the other boots I regularly wear to work both with jeans and occasionally a suit. I always get people stop me to say “nice boots” - it’s pretty rare to see convoy boots in London! These are very special boots and the service is exceptional - I have a 4th pair on the way!