Stingray Boot

A true exotic boot, equally at home with a worn pair of 501s or a tux. This awe-inspiring black boot is a must for every serious boot collector. Stingray leather has a unique granular pattern that makes it instantly recognizable. The hide is pretty supple and smooth to touch – despite the presence of granules that have the toughness of ceramic. Each pair is crafted with perfectly matched skins - resilient and elegant.

Snip Toe & Walking Heel 

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R Lopez (Liberty Hill, US)
Nicest thing that's ever been on my feet.

Simply put, these are just the sharpest looking boots. Coming from Oxford and Chelsea type of dress shoes, these are a step up in my opinion. They are "event" footwear. They reflect light in a very unique way and I get comments or compliments just about every time I wear them. I went to the store looking to purchase a different boot that had been at the top of my list for a long time, but then saw these. I had seen them on the website previously, but a computer screen just doesn't do them justice. So glad I bought them. Thanks, Kimber!

Clay Duble (Charlotte, US)
Sting Ray Boots hands.down! i challenge you to find a finer pair of Sting Ray boots. infact im so impressed that im probably going to purchase the Caiman snip toe soon. The owners are awesome peeps too!

Matt (Los Angeles, US)
Life Changing Boots

I bought these in September 2015 on a whim at the South Congress showroom. Frankly, the best purchase of my entire life! First off, these boots still look fantastic after years of wear. This skin is extremely durable, and holds up well. These boots can handle light moisture, too. The soles lasted me about 4 years of extremely heavy use, before I had them replaced. The comfort level of these boots is off the charts for me. I'm a size 10.5-11 in sneakers, but for these boots I am a 9.5. Most importantly? Wearing these boots is like being in public with a really cute dog. They are a conversation starter. People will see my boots from across the room, and come talk to me about them. It's a great way to meet people, if you're looking to meet people when you're in public. Also, the versatility is epic here. I've worn these boots with a tux at a wedding, and with jeans and a t-shirt. They get compliments no matter where I go and, they fit any occasion. Stingray boots are rare, and this particular skin has the appearance of diamond pave. It's really a stunning leather in person, and I couldn't recommend these more highly.

Robert S. (La Grange, US)
Out of this world

These boots are definitely a statement piece and beg for attention when walking about. The break in period for Heritage soles isn't bad and these are no exception, well softened and comfortable in a few full days of walking and surely fitting like a glove in a couple weeks. The uppers do seem to be stiffer and hold their shape very well but that is to be expected. The look and feel of the sting ray is just fabulous not to mention durable as heck. While they may seem flashy on their own, it is easy to dress the black with anything. Finally with little to no maintenence of the sting ray, these boots are a dream! Shout out to the lovely boot mavens who make every visit to the gallery a pleasure.


mark (Smyrna, US)
the best tux boots ever - and they still work with jeans

Numerous events require a tux or fancy dark business suit. If you want to escape looking like just one more in a herd of similarly dressed pinguins w/o resorting to some stupid looking polka dot bow tie, these boots are "the" ticket. The super supple leather uppers make them a bit hard to get on for me, but once on, they are wonderfully comfortable despite the lower portion being as tough and indestructible as any material I know of. They also go great with jeans, so i wear them with anything and everything and get constant complements. For every day, I more commonly wear my Heritage sharkskin boots, but for dressing up, you cannot beat these boots.

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JJ (Santa Fe, US)
Fashionista boots that everyone comments on

These are serious head-turners. Everyone loves them and they dress up
Any outfit. Super comfortable and elegant, fun boots. I often wear them with dresses at night.

Newsletter Subscriber (Missouri City, US)

People who know boots will stop you and say “Those are fabulous!” Wore them to the Houston Rodeo and heard it from every high-end boot seller. Superb boots - take the stingray plunge. You’ll be glad you did!!

Ambrose Boot
Randall Honeycutt (Nashville, US)
3rd Pair of Heritage Boots...

I'm an old guy - actual BOOMER Generation, I own a horse farm and I'm not a very fashionable guy. Heck I have worn a flat top haircut my entire life. Occasionally my haircut is in style, but more often, it is not, but that's OK because I like what works for me. Heritage Boots work for me.

I have long admired the styles Heritage puts out; but honestly they are a bit too much for my understated style. I purchased the Apache oiled boot goodness the quality was spot on, and the fit was like a custom boot. I then ordered the Crazy horse leather boot - essentially the same as the Apache without the oil.

My wife and I were at the beach just hanging out together, and because I am such a ladies man, my romantic conversation turned to cowboy boots. She suggested I get a "fancier" boot from Heritage. I really like the blue ostrich boot, but thought the navy color might make folks think I was 'HIP', and that would just be false advertising. So, I ordered this boot...a little flashy but not too much. Again the boot looks remarkable - not like anything else out there - and the fit was absolutely superb.

My wife told me she was going to order the navy blue ostrich boots for me for Father's Day but she said they were sold out. I hate that - mainly because I know she wanted to get them. To be honest, my wife doesn't need to get me anything as the 31 years we've been married has been a daily gift!

Let me add - the ladies that answer the phone/texts at Heritage Boot Company have been very, very helpful. I actually wanted another boot but after a bit of discussion ; they told me that boot would not be suitable for my bad back. They genuinely want a happy customer and are not just trying to sell a boot. That is not common , and neither are Heritage Boots. My advice to folks - pick up the phone for a chat with the ladies at Heritage, buy a pair of boots and see for yourself - like my wife - Heritage Boot Company has a lot more going on than just good looks!!

Leroy Brown
Herbert Van Der Veer (Walnut Creek, US)
Best yet.

I have more than 10 pair of Heritage boots. All of them are very well made and comfortable. Cowhide to shark. But these are the best yet. Have now had about 2 weeks. Already they are very comfortable; on the way to most comfortable. Mavens are very helpful, especially when you're buying from CA, like me. Thinkin' about the next pair.

JP Jones
Gary Vineyard (Escondido, US)
Best boots I’ve ever owned

Went to the brick and mortar in Austin and had a wonderful experience. Staff was very friendly and attentive and were happy to let me take my time and gawk at all the beautiful boots. I purchased the JP Jones and they were very comfortable right out of the box the fit is great on these. I’m writing this about a month after purchase and i’ve been wearing them regularly since then and they have only gotten better and better. Had a little sticker shock at first but once I saw the craftsmanship and felt the quality the boots were absolutely worth the price.

Service 5/5
Boot quality and appearance 5/5
Value 5/5